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I am happily married and have the support and understanding of my husband.


There have been few documented and undocumented wolf attacks on humans in North America in comparison to wolf attacks in Eurasiaand few relative to attacks by other larger carnivores. Because of the relative rarity of documented wolf attacks on humans in North America, some non-fatal attacks have been of interest to experts.

The Spokesman Review [87].

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After the incident, tracks seemed to show that the wolves had come quite close to the woman when she was running, but after she turned to face them, ran off into the bushes and then left, instead of flanking or surrounding her as she had feared. Before the incident, about forty elk had been watering at a nearby pond and using a nearby hay-field as a wintering ground, likely attracting the wolves.

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Early in the morning of 2 July, some members of the party were forced to use a bear banger to scare away a wolf that wouldn't leave the campsite. At about 2 am, a wolf began dragging Langevin, who had been asleep in the open in a sleeping bag.

The wolf had moved him several meters away from the campfire when he awoke, sat up, and shouted. The wolf stopped, stepped back, and attacked at the midsection, still encased in the sleeping bag. Langevin fought it with his hands and arms, and rolled back towards the fire pit.

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The wolf bit him on the back and head, leaving multiple lacerations and separating a part of his scalp from the skull before being chased away by a group of other campers. The attack lasted about five minutes.

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The man was transported to hospital in Victoriawhere his scalp flap was reattached with 50 stitchesand wounds to his hands and back were treated. The two adult wolves were killed the next day and tested negative for rabies.

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The same wolves had earlier menaced several nature photographers. The stomach contents showed no of scavenging human food. This list is incomplete ; you can help by adding missing items. November Dale, K. Beckmen, and S. Palmer, Alaska.

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Retrieved 19 February Boone and Crockett Club. Retrieved 9 July Based on an investigation by Erich Klinghammer, Ph. Battle Ground, IN. Archived from the original on 22 March Retrieved 10 February — via www. Paragraph Ten: postbulletin. Retrieved 23 February The girl suffered mostly scratches and cuts, but she is believed to have suffered massive liver damage after being slammed to the ground.

Digital Commons. Retrieved 16 August Retrieved 5 November The Weekly Journal-Miner. Associated Press.

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Retrieved 8 April — via Library of Congress. Edmonton Journal. Toronto Mail 11 July The Southwest Sentinel.

Retrieved 5 April — via Library of Congress. Hampden Porter New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. LCCN OCLC Retrieved 26 June In the Sierra Madre two wolves are commonly considered to be a match for a man armed as these people usually are, and unless the whole population have conspired together for the purpose of propagating falsehoods on this particular subject, it must be believed that the lobo is often guilty of manslaughter.

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It has not happened to the writer to be personally cognizant of the death of any victim of theirs, but riding westward one day through the forests of that mountainous country lying between Durango and the Pacific coast, in the interval between two divisions of a large train of arrieros separated from each other by a distance of several miles, a woman and two children, boy and girl, were met. Struck by the beauty of the little girl, and knowing the way to be unsafe, some conversation took place in which the mother made light of those dangers suggested, and declined, with a profusion of thanks, an offer to see the party safe to her sister's rancho in a neighboring valley.

They had only a little distance to go along the ridge, she said, and would then soon descend to their place of destination.

The wolves were like devils, it was true, but robbers were worse, and she had many times crossed there from her home without meeting with either. In short, muchissimas gracias Senor, y todos los santos, etc.

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All of them were devoured a very short time after. Their clothes and bones were found scattered on the trail which they had not yet left before they were killed. The muleteers in rear who found these fragments collected and buried them, putting up the usual frail cross which is to be seen along this route, literally by scores.

The St. Paul Daily Globe. Retrieved 23 February — via Library of Congress. Las Vegas Daily Gazette. Las Vegas, New Mexico.

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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Archived from the original PDF on 31 July Retrieved 5 July The Daily Phoenix. Retrieved 5 July — via Library of Congress. Cloud Journal. Cloud, MN. Retrieved 4 July — via Library of Congress. The National Republican. Retrieved 7 July — via Library of Congress. Retrieved 10 July Albert 10 August Santa Fe Trail Research.

National endowment for the humanities

Larned, KS. New York: Dover. ISBN Indians say that wolves not unfrequently go mad, rush into their villages and do great damage. The following most interesting and perfectly authenticated facts are taken from the records of the hospital at Fort Larned on the Arkansas River.

Washington, D. Retrieved 3 July — via Library of Congress. Cass County Republican. Retrieved 27 June — via Library of Congress. Porter Summer Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell". Arizona and the West.

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Journal of the Southwest. ISSN JSTOR Boatwright; Wilson M. Hudson; Helen Maxwell, eds. Mtones and Twisters. Southern Methodist U. Reviewed by Kenneth Porter in Arizona and the West.

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Autumn Duffen, William A. JSTOR"… they tell me there is one danger which threatens out door sleepers during July and August, which fills me with more dread than all the venomous reptiles and Indians thrown in- this new danger is from "mad wolves. The wolves are numerous here and in the two above named months they sometimes go made [sic] and in this condition they will enter a camp or town or even a house if the door is left open and bite everything in their course.

At this season the Mexicans generally those that have no doors sleep on top of their houses out of reach of this danger. This horrible disease is much more common here among the wolves than it is among our dogs in the States.

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I am hoping to have some new adventures and explore new territory.


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And I find that I am not in the right head space to date someone.


I am happily married and have the support and understanding of my husband.