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  • What is my age:
  • I am 39
  • What is my ethnicity:
  • Romanian
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Male
  • Iris tone:
  • I’ve got brilliant hazel green eyes
  • Other hobbies:
  • I like singing


Petite Slim Lady Sought for Friendship and I have spent my entire dating life with tiny skinny women, and if you want to hate me for that then have at it. I am looking for like I said a beautiful sexy woman under 5'5" that weighs less than Yes a Sexy Beautiful skinny flat chested Beauty to walk arm and arm with proudly.


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Selfishness linked to case of Jealousy? Well Leia always insist that Hans is shaved down stairs but she compliments Chewbacca on his furry balls.

She also loves it when he does her in the wookiee position which she really does not like Hans to do. Well Hans is a little concerned and being a newbie he is a bit nervous and maybe a bit too excited so he has a little trouble getting his. Has any one else been?

We've been invited next weekend and I'd like to know what to expect. I'm already discussing it with the Mr since he seems to be a little more forward than I. I hate going to these kinds of things sometimes because it almost always ends up being a waste of time and money.

Then on the way home I'm mentally kicking myself for 1, the time I wasted, and 2, the money I wasted. Too Young? However, you have to ask yourselves this. Are there couples here that you would consider too old? I have a son your age. I am 39 this year. Sexually speaking, I don't think any age above 18 is off-limits.

However, not everyone is in the lifestyle just for sex alone. Many want friends etc.

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Not always. Most older swingers will shy away or be leery of young swingers because, 1 Swinger parties have alcohol.

Let's face it, everyone has something that they're turned on or off by. You just have to roll with it.

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I personally think you two deserve a fair shake. Remember, everyone turning you down is in turn getting turned down by someone else.

I don't care how hot they seem. We're going to SEMA!

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Sexy swingers?? Your Mustang is nice so is the wife. Maybe we all should start a swingers car club. We have never done that and never will. We've been around for 10 years, all the profiles you see are accumulative up to this point. Because most of the members are lifetime members, we are not obligated to remove inactive profile with lifetime membership status.

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We don't need to create fake profiles since we are getting tons of new members each day anyways.

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Just search for 'adult swingers' or 'swinger ' on Google and see for yourself. As for Who's Online, there is a 4 hour window from the last time you have any activity and then the system will delete you automatically. The way the internet works, there is just no true way to tell you are online without constantly hitting the server with requests which would end up slowing down the website for you and everyone else.

So we keep you in the system just in case you are away from your computer and you still want people to know you are available.

Fun outgoing female, looking for a fun ltr.

Thus the 4 hour window. As for chat, if you see someone listed in the chatroom list before you open chat, it's because they probably logged out of chat but left the chat window open. The website and chatroom are on two different platforms and do not communicate with each other. We have to use the chat window as a mechanism to tell us who 'may' be in the chatroom. This system relies on the last person in the chatroom to clean out the database information for those that were in the chat room and since they are that last ones, it will keep them showing, even if they aren't there.

Also, if someone is in the chatroom and leaves for a moment, the chatroom will kick them out. Since the chat window is still open, it will show them on Swingular as in the chatroom. So this isn't a matter of deceptive practices, it's a matter of mechanics. Return to Swingular Why Swing?

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