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  • I have abundant flaxen hair
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I am posting this as a way to let people as me questions about The Green Door. My wife and I have been many times and people always want to know what really happens in this place and its hard to find real stories about what goes on here. For context, so people don't think we are some strange couple.

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We have been married 5 years. She's 29 and I'm She's a housewife, I'm an engineer.

This month in las vegas

We are from Californiaso getting to LV is easy. She's not famous but she's gorgeous. We are not swingers at all. We only get crazy in LV. You can just watch. Most people just watch. Do not waste your time visiting any other day or time. It will be nearly empty. Often times 2 couple will play together, but this is almost always in the "couples only" area. And not really an orgy. Then walk to the next room looking for more fun to watch. Over the last 5 years we have been visiting it's changed a few times.

There are generally 2 "couples only" areas. This is where most of the action happens. Most of the time there is an employee making sure single people don't go in the couple areas, but when they take a break, single men sneak in. When that happens sometimes they will ask if they can and I always just say no, or this is a couples only area. They will just leave at this point.

Las vegas hotels and places to stay

I've never had a problem. In the couples area there are 5 small rooms with no doors, and low walls so you can see over the sides if you are tall 6 foot wall. The rooms are very dark with only a small black light.

It's hard to see. Most the time couples will have sex in these rooms while other people watch from the door way over over the wall. Some times, other couples will walk in and ask if they can and usually the 2 couples have sex with their partners while the girls play with each other. I've never seen any couple actually swap partners. My situation is a little unique. Because my wife is so hot, everyone wants to play with us because of her, not me haha. So we go in the couples room and get asked by other couples if they can us and we just pick the one we want.

I've never had sex with another girl, but I've been offered a couple times, it's rare though. I always let my wife play with the other girl though. This is normal. In the non couples area I've seen sex plenty of times.

But it's a little different, and it's going to sound means.

More about sexual undertones abound of the las vegas swingers scene

Usually it's either a nice couple that wants to be watched. Or, a really overweight and unattractive girl getting used by several men they know her not strangers. To me it's a huge turn off. I don't watch it. If you are a good looking couple, you'll be the star of the night, just stay in the couples area and you'll have a nice time.

naughty singles Logan

When you walk around and you willsingle men will follow you from a distance hoping to see you play. Chances are you will end up right back into couples only area. I tried to edit most first post and I accidentally posted twice. This post as the proper edits.

fit girl Mary

It's VERY dark in the play area's so Tripadvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet Tripadvisor's forum guideline limiting each user to a single forums screen name. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Not sure, but's warm. Last night my wife worse a tiny skirt and Bikini top. She wore a coat on the way there of course.

Do I need a sweater inside due to cold air conditioning? There is heat in the winter and AC in the summer.

Adult guide

It's always comfortable. Are comfortable shoes a must? No, it's a large place, but it's not like you'll be walking for hours. If so how do I keep them cold in my room? How would I know this?

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Try ice or the mini fridge. Doesn't matter, you can't bring it. Front door. You will walk 10 feet from car to building.

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Must I tip the staff? I live where we do t tip, why do I need to in the US? No tipping at all. You won't interact with the staff at all, other than paying at the front door. There are staff sitting round, but they don't talk to you. They make sure single men don't go in the couples area, they clean up and they just make sure everyone is following the rules. They rarely talk. Not at the Green Door.

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There is no one to tip. I have never once seen someone tip at this place. You may have other experience at other place though. So, I can't speak to that.

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Come dressed in your sexiest or scariest costumes.


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