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You can immediately see why Jason Momoa not only ed up to play the lead in the action-revenge thriller "Sweet Girl" but also executive-produced it. It's a sprawling, bruising, sometimes convoluted, often emotionally exhausting drama with action sequences stitched into it. It's about a man trying to get revenge for his wife's death from cancer at the hands of a depraved and indifferent pharmaceutical company while his daughter Isabela Merced is pulled along by the currents of his rage. Momoa's character, ex-military guy Ray Cooperfeels like one of those soft-spoken, "All-American" character parts, the kind that's currently being played by an array of fortysomething Anglo guys in baseball caps. As such, it asserts Momoa, who is half-Native Hawaiian and part Native American, as a representative everyman, just as relatable as somebody like Mark Wahlberg or Matt Damon. And it gives Momoa, who gained fame as Khal Drogo on "Game of Thrones" and Aquaman, a chance to show us sides he hasn't presented yet—in particular the distress of an ordinary though large and tough man who has no superpowers or cavalry, and must go it alone against enemies that get away with murder because the system is set up to rubber-stamp their profit-making.


Sweet Girl is the latest addition to Hollywood's long list of revenge thrillers and it sure does pack in plenty of action. The Jason Momoa-led Netflix movie also has a long list of characters that help drive the Big Pharma conspiracy tale. While the plot has its holes, the characters are solidly written, with each of them having unique traits and bringing out specific themes in the dynamic. Characters like the Cooper family are easy to relate to since the health and class injustice problems they face are not alien to the ordinary citizen. Others like BioPrime CEO Simon Keeley and hitman Amo Santos have unique lives, but even for them, it's possible for audiences to relate especially when their mannerisms are examined using zodiac s.

Aries are courageous, determined, and passionate. However, they are also known to be impulsive and aggressive. These characteristics can be spotted in Ray Cooper. Whether this will eventually be considered one of Jason Momoa's best performances remains to be seen but it's impossible to not love Ray as a person. He is optimistic about the generic cancer drug called Spero and when he learns that the executives of BioPrime have pulled the drug, impulse kicks in. He calls Keeley live on air to threaten him.

And when his wife dies, he burns with the determination to make people pay, going as far as to physically harm the culprits.

See a problem?

In a Taurus, there is the guarantee of reliability, focus, patience, reasonableness, and devotion. Federal agent Sarah Walker exhibits such characteristics as she chases after Ray, Rachel, and the dirty players in the pharmaceuticals industry. While hunting Ray and Rachel, Meeker's judgment isn't clouded by the fact that the two have broken the law hence they deserve to be punished. Instead, she hears Rachel out and helps her solve the conspiracy, bringing the remaining responsible parties to book.

She is also patient and focused while conducting her investigations, making sure each and every detail checks out. Geminis are doers rather than talkers.

They are confident too. As for flaws, they can be careless and inconsistent. The tactical unit member le a team in going after Ray, showing how confident he is regarding the high-profile mission. Ray has been described as armed and dangerous but Walker wastes no time in trying to get the job done. Unfortunately for him, he approaches Ray in a casual manner, which is why he doesn't succeed in bringing him down.

Cancers ooze tenacity. They are also loyal, persuasive, and protective. In the media, Keeley firmly defends BioPrime's position. Even when presented with the fact that hundreds are dying because of BioPrime's activities, Keeley proves to be very tenacious by arguing that it's all business, not personal.

He might not be one of the best ever corporate villains in movies but he comes close. Leos crave attention. But this is just the less desirable trait. On a more positive note, they are cheerful, convincing, and creative. These traits describe Congresswoman Diana Morgan in the Netflix action thriller. Right from her first scene, Morgan is portrayed as someone who enjoys being in the limelight.

She also initiates a war against pharmaceutical corporations to cement her place as an anti-Big Pharma hero. Whenever she speaks, Morgan impresses audiences, triggering plenty of cheers.

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Virgos are known to be kind, open, and practical. Their lives normally revolve around work too, to the point they are described as workaholics.

Shyness is also one of the Virgo traits and Dr. Wu proves it as he is breaking the bad news to Ray. Wu understands the pain that the Cooper family is going through and does his best to give them hope. He lets them know that Spero might be what they were waiting for but he doesn't promise miracles. When he learns that the drug will no longer be available he gives Ray this information in a kind and gentle manner that will enable him to digest it easily.

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Libras are gracious, cooperative, and social. Everyone else always enjoys hanging out around them, but they have a darker side to them, too.

They find it easy holding grudges and being vindictive if they feel aggrieved. Rachel establishes herself as one of the best characters in Sweet Girl right from the early stages. She does everything her father asks of her after her mother's death, even when it inconveniences her. This includes packing and going on the run.

To honor her parents, she later goes after every party that was involved, without caring that this same move caused not-so-pleasant consequences to her father. Scorpios are brave, resourceful, and passionate about the things they do, whether good or bad. They have a couple of minor negative traits but there's one major one. To them, violence is never out of the question either when the need arises.

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Hitman Amo Santos is given the task of going after Ray and anyone else who aims to put an end to the conspiracy. His resourcefulness has what made him a reliable hitman for corrupt executives.

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He is very passionate about his job that he even gives a monologue about it. When it comes to violence, he doesn't hold back. Santos is involved in most of the movie's fight scenes.

Some of the most idealistic and hardworking individuals circle the Sagittarius constellation. On the negative side, they bulldoze their way through situations and possess a god complex that might be controlling them subconsciously. Together with Meeker, Agent Rothman works had to put pieces together and solve the Big Pharma conspiracy that's the spine of the movie. He is shown to apply force whenever he le an FBI tactical team to an area but this is beneficial to him than detrimental since he always gets the job done.

Capricorns know how to lead and as a result, they normally rise to management positions. As effective as they are as leaders, they can't help but be condescending. BioPrime board President is shown to be a very demanding leader in the movie.

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He gives Keeley a dressing down at the gala for enjoying himself too much instead of networking with powerful people. And even though they work, his leadership methods have no air of morality about them since he has a record of ordering hits and handing out bribes.

Members of the Aquarius zodiac are known to be independent and analytical. Once they seek to find answers, they do commit themselves until the objective has been achieved. Sadly, they take too many risks, some of which lead to bad consequences. As an investigative journalist, Bennet does a great job trying to expose the rot in the pharmaceuticals industry. By gathering and analyzing all the available information, he is quickly able to figure out every major player that is involved.

In his determination, he fails to factor in how dangerous the people he is trying to expose are.

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This causes him to lose his life. More than any other zodiac ign, Pisces consists of good-hearted people. Any Pisces is known to care about the happiness of others and be sympathetic. Pisces' are also known to be martyrs. In Sweet GirlAmanda Cooper best fits this zodiac.

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Despite being aware that she'll be dead in a few months, Amanda keeps the love and laughter in her family going by engaging in fun activities such as storytelling and photoshoots. The void she leaves when she dies is too big that her family goes on a reckless revenge mission to avenge her death. The mission ends with Ray dead too but Rachel manages to honor Amanda. Philip Etemesi is an author, journalist, screenwriter and film critic based in Nairobi. Ashe preferred watching movies like The Goodfellas instead of Home Alone.

His girlfriend constantly has to pull him from the front of the TV but he just keeps returning. Stubborn dude!

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Those are the first words Jason Momoa utters in Sweet Girl , the new action-thriller from Netflix, and oh how prophetic they are.


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