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T he alleged revolution of "women in rock" has received increasing media attention in the United States over the last seven years. In this paper, I will explore the nature of revolution grrrl-style and its relationship to feminism and "post-feminism. The application of the label "feminist" to contemporary female cultural production often generates tensions in an era characterized by a post-feminist rejection of that label. The increasingly prevalent yet ambiguous disavowal of " I'm not a feminist" is often made by women who appear to embody a decidedly feminist self-possession. Many of these self-defined grrrls articulate an aggressive sense of their sexuality, alongside an ironic and nostalgic sense of child-like femininity, which together sometimes contradict principles of earlier, "second wave" feminism.


Gender roles

Jane is responding to Mr. Jane makes it clear to Mr. Rochester that she plans to be true to herself and hold onto her autonomy despite his attempts to plan world travels and buy expensive gifts for her. Through this dialogue, Jane contrasts the typical female gender roles of Victorian England society by speaking up and holding on to her individuality, even in the face of marriage.

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He continues to describe all the unique character traits that he admires in Jane. In his preferring a woman like Jane, the character of Mr. Rochester is a contrast to male gender role expectations. While men of his social class are expected to desire a women who will allow themselves to be kept or remain inificant, Mr. Rochester loves Jane for exactly the opposite reason: She is fierce and independent-minded.

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Jane is reflecting on a conversation she had with St. John about his future plans and potential relationship with Rosamond Oliver. John is surprised by her directness when Jane points out that St. John Rivers trembles and is flushed whenever Miss Oliver enters.

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John Rivers is astonished by her direct approach because it is not expected of a woman in their society. Jane continues to go against female gender role expectations by speaking freely and confidently, often impressing her male counterparts with her courage. SparkTeach Teacher's Handbook. John Rivers Helen Burns Mrs. What is the red-room? How does Lowood change?

Why does Jane leave Thornfield Hall? Why does Jane decline St. Quotes Gender Roles.

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I laughed at him as he said this. Rochester; you must neither expect nor exact anything celestial of me, for you will not get it any more than I shall get it of you, which I do not at all anticipate. He had not imagined that a woman would dare to speak so to a man.

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For me, I felt at home in this sort of discourse. Popular s: Jane Eyre.

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Jane Eyre- At times Jane represents what a woman should be in the Victorian Era, and other times Jane defies expectations and breaks the gender roles.


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