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Members of the US House of Representatives banded together in a cross-party vote to pass legislation that would curb electronic snooping. The move follows revelations the NSA mass harvested data on telephone calls and snooped on foreign leaders. The amendment, added to the defence bill in a vote on Thursday, also prohibits the NSA and CIA from accessing commercial technology products, which some politicians have described as a government "backdoor" for snooping. Leaked documents provided to the Guardian newspaper indicate the NSA intercepted computer network devices such as routers and servers and embedded them with backdoor surveillance tools.


Investigators were struggling to determine the extent to which the military, intelligence community and nuclear laboratories were affected by the highly sophisticated attack. United States officials did not detect the attack until recent weeks, and then only when a private cybersecurity firm, FireEyealerted American intelligence that the hackers had evaded layers of defenses.

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It was evident that the Treasury and Commerce Departments, the first agencies reported to be breached, were only part of a far larger operation whose sophistication stunned even experts who have been following a quarter-century of Russian hacks on the Pentagon and American civilian agencies. While the presence of the software is not by itself evidence that each network was compromised and information was stolen, investigators spent Monday trying to understand the extent of the damage in what could be a ificant loss of American data to a foreign attacker.

The National Security Agency — the premier U. The N. Two of the most embarrassing breaches came at the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security, whose Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency oversaw the successful defense of the American election system last month.

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A government official, who requested anonymity to speak about the investigation, made clear that the Homeland Security Department, which is charged with securing civilian government agencies and the private sector, was itself a victim of the complex attack. We are currently investigating the matter. Parts of the Pentagon were also affected by the attack, said a U. Then, as now, State Department officials refused to acknowledge that Russia had been responsible.

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In fact, it is the Russians who have been consistently most effective, though in this case it was not clear which State Department systems they had extracted data from or how much. A State Department spokeswoman declined to comment. But analysts noted that the agency deals with some of the most cutting-edge commercial technologies, determining what will be sold and denied to adversarial countries.

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So does Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear weapons are deed, and major defense contractors like Boeing, which declined on Monday to discuss the attack. The hackers embedded their malicious code in the Orion software made by SolarWinds, which is based in Austin, Texas.

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The company said that 33, of itscustomers use Orion, and only half of those downloaded the malign Russian update. FireEye said that despite their widespread access, Russian hackers exploited only what was considered the most valuable targets. The picture emerging from interviews with corporate and government officials on Monday as they tried to assess the scope of the damage was of a complex, sophisticated attack on the software used in the systems that monitor activity at companies and government agencies.

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Investigators say they believe that Russian hackers used multiple entry points in addition to the compromised Orion software update, and that this may be only the beginning of what they find. SolarWinds customers on Monday were still trying to assess the effects of the Russian attack.

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A spokesman at the Justice Department, which uses SolarWinds software, declined to comment. Military and intelligence officials declined to say how widespread the use of Orion was in their organizations, or whether those systems had been updated with the infected code that gave the hackers broad access.

But unless the government was aware of the vulnerability in SolarWinds and kept it secret — which it sometimes does to develop offensive cyberweapons — there would have been little reason not to install the most up-to-date versions of the software.

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There is no evidence that government officials were withholding any knowledge of the flaw in the SolarWinds software. The chief executive officers of the largest American utility companies held an urgent call on Monday to discuss the possible threat of the SolarWinds compromise to the power grid.

Nsa taps data from 9 major net firms

For the N. Paul M. Nakasone, who also he the U. Cyber Command, the attack ranks among the biggest crises of his time in office. But it now appears that both civilian and national security agencies were the target of this carefully deed hack, and he will have to answer why private industry — rather than the multibillion-dollar enterprises he runs from a war room in Fort Meade, Md.

Analysts said it was hard to know which was worse: that the federal government was blindsided again by Russian intelligence agencies, or that when it was evident what was happening, White House officials said nothing. In the near term, government agencies are now struggling to get to the bottom of a problem with limited visibility.

By shutting down SolarWinds — a step they had to take to halt future intrusions — many agencies are losing visibility into their own networks. David E. Agencies Were Hit. Ever considered a password manager? You should. There are also many ways to brush away the tracks you leave on the internet.

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The stringent NSA has been invoked on three people involved in pro-Pakistan sloganeering and a fourth person for an instagram post using abusive mentions about India.


The House of Representatives may have only passed a puny attempt to reform the NSA's surveillance activities last month.


President Barack Obama did not decide until Thursday night that in his surveillance speech Friday he would call for the National Security Agency to give up its trove of data on U.


After major companies like Google and Facebook urged the government to allow them to release more specific transparency reports on NSA spying requests, the U.