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Not true!


When baby bites

There is probably nothing more surprising, disorienting, and downright painful than when your baby bites you while breastfeeding. Nipple biting while breastfeeding can seem to come out of nowhere and can be kind of shocking.

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The truth is, every breastfeeding mom has been bitten at one time or another — and boy can it hurt. It can also help enormously to understand why your baby is biting, because zeroing in on the reason can help you more effectively solve the problem. Still, there are some common reasons that babies bite. They may be:. Either way, whatever the reason is, there are ways to cope — and most importantly, stop the biting from continuing. Their tongue and lips do the work here. Think about when you suck out of a straw.

When baby bites

At the same time, when your baby gets teeth, their latch may change, so you may have to become more careful about how you hold them and how they latch on. Laughing is also not helpful, as your baby may actually enjoy your reaction and try to elicit it again!

Either way, taking a deep breath before reacting can help.

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You can also try drawing your baby in close to you, briefly pressing their face into the breast, which can cover their nose and mouth and prompt them to unlatch. If your baby appears to be teething, you may want to offer them a wet washcloth or teething toy to soothe their gums. You want to teach them not to use your breast as a teether.

Unfortunately, in some cases, biting can cause nipple damage, which can be quite painful. Getting your baby to stop biting is all about prevention. Basically, if you know when biting usually happens, or what happens right before your baby bites, you can anticipate the biting and stop it from happening.

Do they bite as they are waiting for the milk to flow? If so, squeezing your breast so that more milk flows or pumping a little to get the milk flowing before a feeding session can help.

4 reasons babies bite while breastfeeding

Do they bite at the end of a session or when they seem bored? Offering them the other side or ending the breastfeeding session might be helpful here. Or their growing bodies require different positions for comfortable latching. You can also get help from a breastfeeding volunteer counselor or a lactation consultant.

Help me, heidi! my baby bites me during breastfeeding

You might notice them become squirmy or restless. They might fuss or seem upset. A breastfeeding counselor or lactation consultant can watch you breastfeed and help you figure out if anything is wrong.

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They can also go over a list of triggers to help you pinpoint the problem. It also makes sense to connect with other breastfeeding moms, online or at a breastfeeding support group. Finding out how real-life moms have coped with this can be super helpful.

And they can also help you feel less alone. All breastfeeding moms have dealt with it at one time or another.

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It can be helpful to figure out how to stop it from happening, but the truth is, it almost always passes on its own. Between your dancing hormones and breastfeeding, your girls will never be the same.

Help me, heidi! my baby bites me during breastfeeding

Here's what you need to know about your legal right to breastfeed in public spoiler alert: all 50 states protect your right to nurse your baby. Whether you are exclusively pumping or looking to build up an emergency stash, knowing the safe ways to pump, store, and feed breast milk is important. If your baby is crying at the breast or refusing to breastfeed it can feel frustrating and confusing. Check out these tips from a lactation consultant…. Can you spoil a newborn baby?

What to know about biting during breastfeeding — and how to cope

The reality is you may actually be helping your baby by holding them frequently in those early weeks. Your newborn will typically have a baby hearing test before leaving the hospital.

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Here's what mean. Babbling adorable nonsense words actually serves an important purpose.

What to know about biting during breastfeeding — and how to cope

Here's why baby babbles and how to use it to encourage language development. Neonatal lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can occur when certain antibodies are passed through the placenta during pregnancy. Medically reviewed by Carissa Stephens, R. Why do babies bite during breastfeeding? Should babies be weaned when they get teeth? What should you do if your baby bites during breastfeeding?

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What to do if your nipples are damaged. How can you stop your baby from nipple biting? Parenthood Baby 06 Months.

4 reasons babies bite while breastfeeding

Or So You Think. Read this next. Medically reviewed by Carolyn Kay, M. Medically reviewed by Karen Gill, M. Neonatal Lupus.

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They can also help you find a lactation consultant if you need one.


Sounds like you have a mom-eating barracuda baby on your hands and at your poor, sore breasts!


While biting can be a problem for some mothers, mothers should not think that all babies will bite the nipple.


As babies mature, concerns about biting while breastfeeding can grow stronger.