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Is your morning cuppa failing to revitalize your senses with you struggling to stay awake throughout the day? Or do you feel sluggish post lunch? While a of people would consider daytime sleepiness as a normal thing, it might not be that simple. From not getting the proper diet and lack of vitamins to a sedentary lifestyle—a of factors could be responsible for feeling sluggish throughout the day. Thankfully, there are a of superfoods that can help. Superfoods are foods—plant-based as well as fish and dairy—that are thought to be nutritionally dense and good for your health.


It's long been known that green tea carries a multitude of benefitshelping you speed up your metabolism, improve your immune system, boost brainpower and even lower your risk of cancer. But there's perhaps an even stronger version of green tea that may reap more benefits — and it's called matcha.

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Traditionally used un Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha tea is made by crushing green tea leaves until they become a potent, fine powder. It contains about the same amount of caffeine 34mg as a cup of instant coffee. It's the world's most popular energy drink — and for good reason.

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Black coffee is cheap, plentiful and amazingly healthy, helping to increase athletic endurance, lessen your risk of cardiovascular disease and even stave off your chances of neurodegenerative diseases. The trick with black coffee however, is that for it to be truly healthy, it must be made without sugar and drunk in moderation.

10 ways to boost your energy in 10 minutes or less

Experts warn that you're bordering into "too much" territory when you're drinking up around the four a day mark. Kombucha is the newest darling of the superfood group, and is a type of fermented black tea that's said to drastically improve the health of your gut.

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If you're feeling a little low on energy, it's claimed that kombucha can leave you feeling invigorated thanks to the high amount of iron and B vitamins present in the drink. It's made by combining a live culture, sugar and yeast and left to ferment. An article published in Food Microbiology said that kombucha contains a of helpful probiotics, including gluconacetobacter and lactobacillus.

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It may seem odd to find chocolate milk on the list, but it comes highly recommended by numerous scientists as being the perfect post-workout drink. A review of the research by Swiss scientists found that chocolate milk, with its high protein, carbohydrate and sugar content, was an ideal post-workout drink for endurance athletes.

They did note that if you're drinking it without exercise, it may bring more added sugars into your diet than you need.

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Thankfully, it's energy-boosting and cancer-reducing properties have been well covered by modern research, especially when it's juiced. In researchers from the US found that after four weeks of people supplementing their diet with juice high in quercetin, they had decreased the oxidative damage to their cells by 11 percent.

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To make a juice that's high in quercetin, choose fruits with a dark red or blue colour, as they are said to have the highest amount. Yerba matedespite sounding like something you'll yell out at the pub, is a type of holly tree that comes from southern America, specifically Brazil.

If you're after long-lasting energy and not some quick fix, your best bet is to sip on a refreshing, delicious banana smoothie. Bananas are packed with fibre, potassium and vitamin B6which will help your body convert protein, fats and carbohydrates into glucose for energy.

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Be careful however — many smoothies, depending on how you make them or where you buy, can rack incredible amounts of sugar. If you opt for a homemade banana smoothie, try to sweeten with a pinch of honey instead of sugar.

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If you're looking to put a bit of extra zing in your step, you'd do far worse than guzzling down some un-sweetened pomegranate juice. Not only is it tart and tasty, but pomegranate juice packs a powerful antioxidant punch.

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Recent research suggests that regular consumption of pomegranate juice has potent anticarcinogenic effects, and is more potent than red wine or green tea. If you're just about to hit the gym, it might just pay to swap your sugary pre-workout drink for a glass of beet juice — and there's science to prove it.

Research published in the American Journal of Physiology found that the nitrates found in beetroot juice can improve the stamina in young men. This is because they "loosen" the veins and arteries your blood travels though, making your blood pressure drop by as much as seven points!

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Connect with us. Nine 9Honey Coach Diet.

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