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Bristol riot officers were confronted by a naked protester yesterday in yet another night of violent 'Kill The Bill' clashes in the city - as a police boss revealed the force feels 'under siege' amid rising tensions. Police with riot shields and helmets were called in to clear College Green in the centre of the city at 10pm on Tuesday. Around protesters had earlier erected tents on the green in a protest at how the police crime sentencing and courts bill will impact travellers, squatters and the homeless. Scenes rapidly descended into chaos when protesters refused to disperse as police arrested 14 people - just two days after Sunday brought nine arrests when scenes of violence first erupted in the city.


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Beginning with the pivotal moment of Emily Davison at the Epsom Derby, Her Naked Skin navigates the story of the Suffragettes fight for a better future. Through this setting, the human story of Lady Celia Cain and seamstress Eve Douglas unfolds, showing how female Suffrage transcended class and sexuality. Feeling trapped by social injustices and her marriage, Celia is drawn to Eve and together they spiral into a world of hope and chaos.

Find our full Spring Season Brochure online. If you need any further information, please contact [ protected]. Can you tell us a bit about the play — what drew you to this play and what do you think is its power? The characters are all real, messy, selfish and courageous: we see people fighting for a better life, and we see what that fight costs.

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We see characters make mistakes and people caught in the social-politics of their time. There is something beautifully brave about exploring this story in this way.

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How strong are the parallels that Lenkiewicz draws between the Suffragettes and modern protest movements? The Suffragette movement, like many modern movements such as Extinction Rebellion, was widely criticized for being a middle-class movement that excluded the working classes.

Rebecca explores this through the relationship between Celia and Eve, and she also uses that relationship to explore sexuality and identity — in addition to gender — within both the suffrage movement and society more generally. What impact do you hope the show might have — what would you like to send audiences away thinking and feeling? My feeling is that Rebecca is writing as much about now as she was about then — that she is using the Suffragette movement to explore our lives today.

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Sometimes, in rehearsals, it has felt as though the play is more relevant today than it was when it was first written. I would love audiences to leave reflecting on our own lives and the choices we make.

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What are the structures that prevent us from living as our true selves? What are we individually prepared to sacrifice for what we believe in?

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What is your role in the show and what does this entail? I am the Lighting Deer so my job is to work closely with the Director and Deer to create the lighting states you see in the performance. I work alongside the Production Electrician to implement a lighting rig above the stage that covers all the angles we need whilst working to Health and Safety and our budgets. Why did you choose to study your course? Do you have any advice for future applicants?

I choose to study at BOVTS because at my interview I fell in love with the idea of putting shows on in different theatres across Bristol instead of just one venue. The course also suited me as it covers a wide spread of backstage jobs allowing me to get experience in different areas. What has been your favourite experience at the School so far? My favourite experience so far would have to be the get ins we do for our productions. Being a part of those teams just gives you a massive sense of camaraderie and it is great fun to work towards such a great goal.

Has the team faced any particular challenges when preparing for the show? Our biggest challenge on this production would be the fact that we are not working in a conventional theatre. This means we need to supply a lot more equipment in order to put the lights where I would like them and to turn the space from a big room into a theatre.

Who should come to see Her Naked Skin?

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This show is suitable for anyone who enjoys being really invested in a show. It will pull you into the performance so much that you will forget about everything going on outside of the theatre.

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Without giving too much away! The creative team have a full on production with lots of special effects and moments which will keep you thinking! I chose to study production arts as from a young age I was always interested in theatre, starting onstage and slowly working my way behind the scenes where I decided this was what I wanted to do. Also, the best thing about this course which really worked for me was the fact that in my first and second year I got to work in all kinds of departments including construction and stage management.

My advice for future applicants would be to put yourself out there and try new things and meet new people.

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The venue is so big and thinking about speaker placement to get the best coverage has brought some issues involving me having to work with different departments to find the best solution. I have enjoyed creating sounds that fit with the period of the play and adapting music to make it sound older than it is.

I am responsible for working with other teams De, Construction Management, Production Management to ensure all scenic art is produced and delivered as agreed.

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I have always wanted to work in visual arts. I love theatre in particular, because the scenery for an opera, for instance can be abstract and visually arresting. I would like to be able to paint to that standard one day. This course can also introduce the opportunity to work in cross-disciplines such as animation, film and television.

Seeing the scenery I painted installed into a theatre and watching the actors perform on the set to a live audience. Working collaboratively with our lovely deer, Benjamin Thapa, to make his vision of the set de a reality.

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The floor in particular is quite abstract and he wanted to impart a history of violence, so we had to paint it to meet this brief. Give it a good thrashing! He trusted us to do that and bring our interpretation into the painting process. I am the Costume Supervisor for the show. My job involves organising everything to do with costume, I organise hiring the costumes, who is making the costumes, buying fabrics and bits and anything you can think of! After falling in love with the magic of Frozen on Broadway I knew I wanted to make a career out of costumes. My advice for future applicants is to show your passion for what you want to do.

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I absolutely loved dressing backstage. The girls making the costumes have faced a few challenges along the way when it came to patterning the costume makes and they have overcome these obstacles and have done outstanding jobs. Anyone who has a love for the suffragette movement, dramatic theatre, historical costume or anything in between! We have some stunning costumes, from undergarments to coats. I think the challenge will be trying to count how many secret pockets we can hide in our costumes! I am the Stage Manager of Her Naked Skin; my role is to head up my team of Assistant Stage Managers in making, borrowing and buying all of the props for the show, while liaising with Benjamin and Sarah, the set deer and director to make sure that this meets their vision.

When we get to the venue, I will run the technical rehearsal and then eventually be left in charge of the show to make sure that it all runs smoothly and stays at the standard it was rehearsed to. I chose to study Stage Management because the course teaches us all disciplines which makes you a more well-rounded manager because you have a greater understanding of all the departments that work together to bring a show to life.

The script mentions the use of guns and a lot of smoking, so I have spent a lot of time researching the legalities of both, and also what is possible in the venue, to try and stick to the original script where we can. But because Circomedia is a Grade 1 listed building this has been a bit challenging. The show is a wonderful education in the sacrifices made by the suffragettes in order to give women the right to vote, so naturally this play has a lot of very hard-hitting moments.

It is not for the faint hearted but it is such an important story that needs to be seen by as many people as possible. I have enjoyed working with everyone on this show, the whole team is putting in so much hard work to make this production come together.

Rehearsals are tough because of the subject matter, but everyone is amazing at supporting each other to create such an important piece of theatre.

The team has a whole host of exciting tricks up their sleeves to help bring this story to life and have them on the edge of their seats. In addition to the stage pieces, we spent extra time deing the audience seating and configuration, as well as exploring innovative ways to respond to the venues personality to enhance and frame our performance effectively. The day-to-day interactions with the super talented students from all of the courses is a constant inspiration. Early research involved looking at boxing rings, Victorian operating theatres and bear pits.

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We hope that the final de will really magnify the action that takes place on stage. The themes that are touched upon will speak to many issues we are facing today. I believe it will be a provoking performance for anyone who is interested in the period pre World War I and those passionate about any form of political engagement today.

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What have you enjoyed the most about working on Her Naked Skin? Seeing the actors inhabit the space and begin the process of creating the characters has been so inspiring. We hope it will be a particularly emotional experience that will be accessible to all. A visceral, active experience, that we hope will magnify the performances of our very talented cast! My role entails drawing up most of the working CAD drawings of the set for the second year Construction Assistants to follow, which means I have to work very closely with our Deer Benjamin Thapa, and Head of Construction Andy Scrivens.

As well as this, I am also tasked with managing a budget, ordering materials, hiring equipment, and general organisation and leadership which allows the department to run smoothly. I felt a sense of independence for the first time and it gave me confidence that I was capable of a HoD role.

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In the Construction Department, it is part of our job to work very closely with the Deer. This means that we must spend more time working out innovative ways of achieving that vision, in order to keep inside of these restrictive parameters. I would encourage all that are interested in studying Stage Management and Technical Theatre to come and watch the show if you can. It will give you a great idea of what can be achieved with drama school training and us students will only be too happy to answer any questions you may have after the show. I have enjoyed the confidence my role has given me.

I am learning a lot about the engineering of structures and how to draw them up in AutoCAD.

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