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Find out how you can access alternative support from other organisations. Silverline offers a free, confidential helpline for older people. They can provide support with befriending as well as providing advice and information on local groups and organisations.


Covid might be a time of physical distancing but our human need for connection remains. we think that loneliness is everyone’s business now more than ever.

Home » My health » Feeling lonely Share :. Loneliness is a sort of empty feeling, like you don't know who you can turn to and you feel disconnected from others. It's a really personal feeling, you may have lots of people around you, yet you can still feel lonely.

Feeling lonely is normal — everyone feels this way at some point in their lives.

Feelings of loneliness are connected with your emotional wellbeing and can be accompanied by stress, low mood and anxiety. Feelings of loneliness are helpful because they remind us that we need to look for ways to re-connect. So get involved with people, friends and family and do more of the things you enjoy doing!

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The above animated video titled, 'Loneliness', captures quotes and experiences from a of young people who struggle with loneliness. If you're feeling lonely, you're not alone, there are things you can do to make yourself feel less lonely.

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Just by being aware of these feelings, you are taking a step in the right direction. No-one else from my family has ever been to university. Danny, aged 23, from Co-op Foundation report When we log onto social media it can often make us feel lonely.

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It might look like everyone else is having an amazing time and seem to have it all sorted, but that doesn't mean they do. Remember social media only tends to capture the best bits of our lives, the bits that we want people to see. Don't give yourself a hard time comparing yourself to others on social media, and if it's making you feel lonely cut down how long you are spending on it. That has to be one of the loneliest places.

Rosa, aged 18, from Co-op Foundation report Do you know your 5Rights?

Organisations who provide covid community support

Your rights as or young person Co-production Week Getting a place of your own Worried about becoming homeless? Running away from home My housing. Feeling lonely. What does loneliness feel like? What makes people feel lonely? Moving to a new area, or your friends moving away Finishing school, college or university Being unemployed or having money worries Falling out with your friends or just growing apart A relationship breaking up The death of someone close to you Having to care for a family member Shyness or low self-confidence Physical or mental health conditions If you're feeling lonely, you're not alone, there are things you can do to make yourself feel less lonely.

Information and advice for young people in suffolk

Try asking yourself what is making you feel lonely? And how could you change it? Be aware that social media can make you feel lonely! This can put off friends and people from wanting to connect with you on social media. Use social media to stay in contact with friends - not make friends.

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Stick to making friends with those you know or see in real life rather than gain lots of virtual friends who you only speak to online. Good friendships are created when you see each other in person, as well as online. And you should always be careful about meeting people who you met online. Think how someone helped you when you were having a bad day.

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What you can do if you're feeling lonely Remember you are loved and valued by those around you. Re-connect with people around you - someone you used to like speaking to but you haven't in a while, a family member, trusted adult or good friend. Take a look at our '30 Day Whats Up Challenge' blog for tips and simple tasks that will help you connect, talk and find things that make you feel good : Go to 30 Day Whats Up Challenge Tell someone how you are feeling - if you don't have someone to talk to, get online support from kooth.

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Visit www. Call available 8am to 7. See how they are — do they seem like people you can feel comfortable with? If you feel uncomfortable go — just ask to leave.

Rural coffee caravan creates social spaces in rural places.

If you like it go back again. Useful websites: Childline - have some good ideas to help you feel better on their 'Loneliness and isolation' Mind - have ideas about coping with loneliness on their 'Loneliness'. Connect with us on the web.

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Loneliness in Suffolk has hit people struggling in the Covid pandemic.


Rural Coffee Caravan exists to help rurally isolated people in Suffolk access services and information to improve their lives, health and wellbeing, and to bring people together, empowering and strengthening rural communities.


Imagine waking up every day and having noone to talk to.


As well as raising much needed funds for those suffering from fuel poverty, the appeal also focuses on the loneliness felt all too often by those that are isolated.