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Cross-posted from Kim Alexander. SinceI have made a point of getting together with friends on a regular basis to make music.


Play online jam sessions

So i started playing guitar around august and have been reasonably been keeping up with practice between work and college. My question is how can i focus more on how to jam with one of my friends?

He been playing for years and has wanted me to learn so we can play together but I'm not entirely sure how i should go about learning. Any tips on how to pick up on how to jam with another person? Edit: Thanks for all the help guys! Take turns playing the melody and the chords one of you plays the chords, one plays the melody.

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Don't worry about the solo being some amazing interpretation of your soul yet. Get the melody down first watch your phrasing and you'll figure out what sounds good as you go along. Don't focus so hard on playing the song exactly as it's recorded, nothing wrong with simplifying it.

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If you make a mistake while jamming don't stop!! You need to just pick it right back up and keep that jam going. Most importantly you have to make it fun.

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Jamming is all about coming together with friends and and having a great time playing music, sometimes you learn shit too. Think about learning to sing, its a good time. I think knowing the major scale will be best for improvising chord patterns, and both the major scale and minor pentatonic will be best for improvising lead guitar Assuming you are relatively new.

Roland guitar friend jam overview

With the major scale you can create basic chord progressions for any key as long as you know the notes. For example, the first note in the C major scale is a "C" note and the first note of the major scale always corresponds with a major chord. So a C major chord would be the 1 chord for the c major scale. The following explains this fairly well.

You may need to use the circle of 5ths to determine which pentatonic scale to solo with.

Play online jam sessions

For example if a song is in the key of C major, you can generally solo with the A minor pentatonic. Finally, practice improvising your lead with backing tracks and making it sound "musical". I find it helps to write out all the chords in the progression in tab, or draw them on the same fretboard.

Then you can just look at the notes and start to see scale patterns. Just jam on those patterns and the rest comes naturally. I use an Android app called Chord! It's also good if you're using alternate fingerings, or if you want to find an alternate fingering for a chord, or if you're stuck on a progression and need to visualize the scale.

You will have every Blues songs up through The Black Keys.

15 simple steps to learn how to jam with other guitarists

This is how I started and I ended up touring in a band with this foundation and practice. Once you get that down learn some phrasings and practice the scale up and down. Do it while you watch TV. Go on youtube and find some backing tracks in different keys and play lead parts over top. By jam out I assume you mean improvisation.

If not, refer to wellvis' answer. That's good advice. It'd be a good idea to do lots of exercises that help you learn the fretboard and develop muscle memory for it, like the cycle of fourths. This gives you a basic idea of the relationship between different points on the strings and so on. The idea is to become familiar with what the fretboard can offer you Guitar jamming friend not be tied down to scales and patterns when jamming with other people. For that same reason I actually discourage people from studying music theory too intensively, since it easily gets to the point where it is restricting creatively and ends up being detrimental instead of constructive.

Like they say, instruments are tools. Playing an instrument doesn't mean much if you just parrot what there is, you should have some thing to say for yourself. Check out Victor Wooten's Ted Ed episode.

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As seemingly unrelated as it may be, it will definitely help. Stay on the beat. Learn to work around the mistakes and no one will notice. Also, it might be helpful to practice improvising over existing backing tracks or to record your own with a looper.

Roland guitar friend jam overview

I started playing a couple of years ago and the first time i jammed with my friends i was terrible and so out of place. But thats what gave me the motivation to truly get better. I wouldn't say there is any formal way to learn how to jam with someone. I think the best way to learn is just by doing it over and over again. Eventually you build a chemistry together that can't be matched.

And thats when you get your best. But for a first time playing with someone, just play around with what you know and they will do the same. Eventually you will come up with a list of songs that you all know and like to play. In order to be able to play with other people, you need to have good timing and a good sense of rhythm. Even if all you know is a basic power chord shape, as long as you can move it around and strum it in time to give the other guy a solid base to play over, you can jam.

Want to jam out with my friend.

I would suggest learning the open chords, the twelve bar blues progression, and the pentatonic scale and practice playing them along to a metronome to develop solid rhythm chops. Try and learn simple songs, riffs and melodies by ear to develop your ear.

Learn songs and play along with the records. Improvise over records using the pentatonic scale. Not practicing as they should. Found the internet!

How do you jam with other guitarists?

Want to jam out with my friend. Sort by: best. Figure out what songs you can play that you both know. Learn to play the melody of the song.

A guitarist’s guide to jam sessions

Learn to play the chords of the song. If you want to jam with a couple guitars do this. Learn your major chords. Learn the pentatonic scale. You will be Eric Clapton very soon. More posts from the Guitar community. This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion.

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If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field or ask the community. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. Thanks for visiting.

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If you thought playing the guitar alone was difficult, jamming with other guitarists further complicates the process.


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