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This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Greg Northcutt Sep 07, When it comes to harvesting wine grapes, Stanislaus County vintner John Monnich likes the fruit to hang on the vines as long as needed to achieve the best flavors and smoothest tannins for his wines. He anticipates yields this year will fall a little below average, but not as much as they did the last two seasons.


As I sit at my computer at elevation feet in the Finger Lakes region of New York, we are under a blanket of clouds and sporadic deluges. It is not, as it should be, as warm as May! Yet, a sentient being observing the past thirty years in the vineyard will surely come upon evidence of climate change in the Finger Lakes.

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Its authors told French wine producers they have climate change to thank for decades of early grape harvests. To prove the point, this Berkeley Earth chart shows that during the twentieth century France warmed by 2. Indeed, Columbia University researchers looked at French and Swiss grape harvest records between the years and They found that since French harvests had gained two weeks over a year mean.

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Are earlier harvests good or bad news for the financial health of the wine industry? Throughout the European continent, the summer of was quite hot, making the grape harvest the earliest ever recorded.

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With high heat comes lower grape acidity, the backbone of wine; therefore, a great deal of the European wines were flabby and lackluster. Wines from cooler mountainous European regions fared better that year, but even they showed more softness than their usual crisp acidity imparts.

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You can't get away with flabby wine at high prices for too long. Predictions for future Napa and Sonoma vintages include hot, dry trends.

Wine will cost at least € a bottle - if new pricing rules come in

The need for more irrigation will only make California water shortages worse. But vineyard areas at higher elevations are expected to do better than their valley counterparts.

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In fact, ever since this studyacademics have been warning American winemakers to reconsider how they view vineyard sites. In other words: winemakers should head for the hills.

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Since then, it remains problematic, but red wine production has gained ground, so to speak. Yet, with evidence for climate change all around us, even in fruits other than grapes, the elevated Finger Lakes region remains a cool grape growing region.

One of the biggest wine frauds ever has been foiled

Although it has been lengthening, the growing season is still relatively short. Moreover, few grape-growing regions on earth are as cool as the Finger Lakes region when winter temperature swings plummet the Midwest comes to mind. While research scientists paint a dire picture for the great Chateaux of France and the luxury brands of Napa Valley, places like the mountains of northern Europe and the cool U. Northeast are where viticultural investment money should be heading —until the future climate dictates otherwise, of course.

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I am an independent wine writer, but once was a writer and producer of audio visual presentations in New York City, and a home winemaker in my spare time; then, I made. I am an independent wine writer, but once was a writer and producer of audio visual presentations in New York City, and a home winemaker in my spare time; then, I made wine for a small Finger Lakes winery. This is a BETA experience.

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You may opt-out by clicking here. Jun 10,am EDT. Jun 9,am EDT. Jun 7,am EDT. Jun 2,pm EDT. Jun 2,am EDT. May 31,pm EDT. Edit Story.

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May 3,pm EDT. Experienced independent writer with a background in the wine industry. Tweet This. Keuka Lake vineyard, photo by Anne Kiley.

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Winter in the Finger Lakes: photo by Anne Kiley. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Check out my website. Thomas Pellechia. I am an independent wine writer, but once was a writer and producer of audio visual presentations in New York City, and a home winemaker in my spare time; then, I made …. Read Less.

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In this era of fake news, misinformation, sliding standards of journalism and generally negotiable truth, the efforts of the marketing departments of various wine companies shouldn't really register.


Voluptuous Kosta Browne Pinot Noirs must have sex appeal to investors, because the brand was just sold for the third time in the last decade.


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Two women, supported by their male co-workers, alleged they were fired from their jobs at a acre vineyard owned by Alsace Co.