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Let us guess — you and your friends were drinking when one of you came up with the great idea of wife swapping with your friends or something like that?

You are not the first and certainly not the last person to wonder about maybe swinging with your friends. It could be fun to swing with your friends but since you are probably brand new to swinging, let us help educate you to make a wiser decision for you, your partner, and your group of friends. This is a very well tested wisdom. If there is any problem with the swinging, you are probably going to lose that friendship. Whenever you see each other you are going to be reminded of that bad decision.

Another issue why you should rethink swapping with your friends who have no swinger experience is the common prevalence of swinger ED issues.

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Failure to launch is very common among newer swingers due to the mental pressure to perform. When ladies are nervous, they can have a drink to relax. Alcohol just further sabotages men.

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ED pills are very common in the lifestyle to overcome this issue. Since your friends are probably all inexperienced swingers, the odds are very good some if not all men involved will have issues. Never underestimate how sensitive a male ego can be when it comes to ED issues. Those hurt feelings can linger for a long time and poison your friendly relationship. You still have other problems to address. The best-case scenario is that person will stop the swinging encounter before any clothes fall off.

The worst-case scenario, is you need to deal with regrets after the fact.

These fights can be really bad. You want to proceed only as fast as the comfort level of the slowest person to minimize the chance of this painful and damaging drama. Not a problem, because you are all mature? Do all couples have the same limits?

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What about condoms, kissing, oral, anal, cuddling, etc? To resolve swinging fights you want to talk about this when you are all sober and thinking clearly. This is not something to think about when you are drunk or horny unless you like having regrets.

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Doing separate room play like in a key party can be fun but it can also be trouble. Separate rooms tend to be more of an advanced swinger situation. Key parties look sexy in movies but for a big group of rookies, it is a bad idea. Most real-life swinger couples seek out other swinger couples and ensure there is a four-way connection. We should also talk about how swinging does not fix broken relationships.

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If anything it exposes the flaws in a relationship. Do you think all of your friends have that same amazing relationship? When you argue with your spouse, you probably try to hide it and wait till you are home to keep your drama private.

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The same goes for your friends. It can be very hard to figure out if a couple has a solid relationship or not.

If there are any trust or communication issues, swinging can quickly turn into a trainwreck and might even speed up their divorce. Do you want your night of swinging to be entered into a legal divorce filing? That sounds really negative but give us a moment to explain. Swinging can be very exciting. What if a condom breaks?

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If things do go wrong, you might end up losing your local support network of friends that you normally rely upon for help and advice. Think about who you can to talk with for help if something unexpected pops up. It is very wise to think and plan for the many different possible outcomes before you become too excited.

We love swinging and know how amazing it can be!

Plenty of swingers have successfully done swapped partners with their friends and others have had it blow up horribly for them. We want you to become informed so you can make the right decision for you, your special someone, and your family and friends.

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How can you learn more? Go slow and make sure you and your special someone fully agree before proceeding. Remember you only want to go as fast as the comfort level of the slowest person. After you educate yourself, you can find plenty of friendly swingers by ing the swinger dating site popular in your area.

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Happy Swinging!

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