stunner single Aubree
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  • Age:
  • I am 23
  • Ethnicity:
  • English
  • My sexual preference:
  • Man
  • Tint of my iris:
  • Misty hazel eyes
  • What is my sex:
  • Girl
  • Hair color:
  • Crisp red hair
  • Hobbies:
  • Driving a car


Do you get depressed every time a date turns out to be a dud? Are you devastated when you don't get "the call" from a guy you like? Do you constantly check your dates out for marriage potential? Chances are you're taking dating way too seriously.


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Just say no to bad dates. Or for that matter, bad relationships.

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Imagine how simple your love-life could be if you just agreed to that rule of thumb? Sometimes, we miss the warning s. Or worse yet, ignore them. You can recognize him in that he knows how to talk the talk, but his actions never seem to follow-suit.

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Do yourself a favor, and date someone who likes you as much as you like them. This guy will do anything to get you to stay on his roller-coaster ride of up and down emotions. Talk about some serious nausea. Time to get off the rollercoaster of bad dates — or better yet- never get on.

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With the right guy there are no options- there are only relationships. And healthy relationships can only develop and progress when the focus is on one person at a time.

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The thing that makes me crazy about Mr. Recognize him quick, and once you do, make a quick break. This is the nice guy most girls would fall for.

damsel lady Ivory

He may go to church on Sundays, have good morals, and even say the right things. This guy will make you feel more like his mom than his girl.

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You deserve a partner- not someone who needs a parent. He has all the answers and wants to date a girl who will just nod her head and smile.

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Stay far away from this guy, and look for a man who is marked by humility and selflessness…because only that kind of man can love you like you deserve to be loved. You know all about his history. In fact, this guy has quite a reputation with the ladies.

So why on earth did you convince yourself that things would be different with you? This guy will leave you with a broken-heart- just like he left the string of girls before you.

Buy this book and their is a good chance you can talk directly and privately with me.

Instead, find someone who you can love for who they are — not for what you hope them to be. A relationship built without honesty, is really no relationship at all. This guy is marked by a pattern of dishonesty and little white lies. Lies about things that might not even matter.

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A man who has nothing to hide becomes a safe place in which a woman can hide her heart. Look for that kind of a man.

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Are you ready for Love? Want to learn how to date in a way that will help you find and keep love?

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The 1 Mistake singles reported making last year was not taking a risk to start a relationship! Why do Christians tend to be so passive when it comes to relationships? Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter or book a session with her today!

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Sorta Spiritual This is the nice guy most girls would fall for. Track-Record You know all about his history.

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White Lies A relationship built without honesty, is really no relationship at all. Share 2K.

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This dating advice for women book gives you the blueprint to the male mind so YOU can get what you want from a man and NOT the other way around.


An AI controlled, household appliances developer in Pelican Electronics, Seo Ji-seong, has dreams to live a perfect life like a well developed program.


As part of our Cupid series , I listed some things a woman should look for in a man.