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It has become so natural to have a girlfriend in this new generation of teenagers regardless of their age bars. You must have often seen couples hanging out everywhere, be it, young children, around 18 years or a matured couple of the 40s, everyone has experienced different types of girlfriends in their life. Some of the girls are very cute and innocent in their behavior with their boyfriends. They are humble in nature, honest and caring. You will always enjoy their company because of their love and affection for you.


If you are reading this article, you are either planning on reading about your girlfriend or you are the girlfriend.

Psycho sarah

The Clingy Girlfriend It is an easy guess! She is always by your side.

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Wherever you go, she will follow. The Money-Minded Girlfriend She has never insisted on paying of your dates. If she loans you anyone, she wants it the next day you meet her.

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She asks you to bring her presents whenever you got shopping or you go travel to a different city. They can live a day without kissing you if you can spend your day doing things that she likes with her. Mostly these girlfriends like to get drunk with their partners to just experience their crazy selves together or like to travel around with their partners. If their partner is not a part of the things they do, they feel the partner is losing interest in them.

They are too cool in life, never lose them! The Girlfriend Who Nags Too Much These girlfriends mostly come with high maintenance, like are allergic to sun, dust, rains, crowd, your friends, your parents, etc.

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She is just threatening you or she is addicted to you and you are her drug. She is with you to have a great time with you however long it could be and you are loving this idea.

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The Cheating Girlfriend The entire world knows that this girlfriend has been cheating on you and you have no clue about it. The No Identity Girlfriend This girlfriend will do what you like, eat what you like and listen to music that you like. Every time her friends find her look or do things differently, they get to know she is dating a new boy. You will get to know the moment you will see she is doing things you do.

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You like to keep your relationship status a secret. The Materialistic Girlfriend You know she will forget your last fight and that was angry as soon as you will unveil her new Charles and Keith bag.

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She likes to flaunt her priced possessions and is happy at big things you do for her. Dude, get rid of her she possibly in the relationship because you get her all the things malls sell.

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She loves the idea of being around you and waking up with you and these are probably the reasons she wants to marry you. The Marriage Material Girlfriend The day you went on your first date with her you knew will like to marry her someday. She has all the qualities one seeks in a wife-y material.

Smothering stephanie

The Psycho Girlfriend She looks clue-less sometimes. She stares at walls. You once caught her sitting by your side when you were sleeping staring at you. Let us conclude for you- She is a psycho.

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The Bossy Girlfriend Needs no description! Featured Image Source. Source Let love conquer all!

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Whether she is a Snorlax Sally or a Perfect Polly your girlfriend will be on this list.


While it is said that women have different types of personalities, and even more than one personality, it is important to know if she is a keeper or not.


The modern dating era has witnessed a lot of different types of girlfriends.


Regardless of if you're the LSGS Last Single Girl Standing in your group of friends or if you're taken, you probably recognize changes in your best gals' behavior when they're in new or old!