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Revista da Rede de Enfermagem do Nordestevol. Objective: to know the feelings of women regarding the use of the Billings Ovulation Method as family planning.


What can you expect at the class?

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The Billings Ovulation Method is taught in one session that is offered in a class format. At the class, you will learn an introduction of the method, how to understand and interpret your fertility, and charting basics. After the class, there will be three additional individual follow-ups scheduled with a certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructor. During these follow-ups, the instructor will guide you in understanding your individual fertility and recognizing patterns of fertility and infertility.

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It also includes the materials for the class — charting supplies, stamps, and an instructional manual. Find classes being offered in this method on the calendar below and for all methods on the main NFP. Some of our Billings instructors prefer the introductory class in an individual setting at this time; if you do not see a class scheduled on the calendar, feel free to contact the individual instructors for their availability, or call the diocese at Instructors: Tara Brooke Bismarck I truly began the journey of wanting to teach NFP over 8 years before I finally took a course to become an instructor.

From the moment my husband and I sat in our first NFP class 18 months after we were married we were sold on this being the only method of family planning we ever wanted to use in our marriage. I had been told by doctors for years that I needed to be on the birth control pill for medical reasons and had blindly been taking birth control for over 10 years.

After the first class we had a clear understanding of my fertility and found ways to cope with the medical conditions I had, rather than blanket them with the birth control pill. I love NFP because it has richly blessed my marriage.

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My husband and I are better people for using NFP. The church has wisdom in saying this is the only approved method of family planning as it forces couples to communicate each month about their family plan. The greatest gift we have noticed is that it put both, my husband and I, on the same team and increased the trust we have in each other in regards to our intimate relationship. The beauty of NFP is that it can and does work for everybody!

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You can contact Tara here. There is an endless outpouring of blessings that come from practicing NFP in a marriage. As my husband and I started to share the fruits of NFP in our marriage with others around us, we were overwhelmed with gratitude from so many couples that were desiring to understand the gift of fertility.

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You can contact Jill here. My love of science and research made learning about NFP and charting an easy transition.

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We married last fall and because of my charting history it was easy for him to understand and learn about the Billings Method and my own specific cycle. It has been a great journey learning about the intricate ways that God has made each and every one of us. I am happy to serve others by sharing this great knowledge.

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I look forward to working with couples and single people from all walks of life and providing them with the tools they need to live a happy and healthy life. You can contact Allison here. Not only can it be a tool in monitoring womens health, but it can also be a great way to bring a couple closer together in their marriage. NFP can give the husband an even greater respect for his wife and their fertility as a couple. I feel that women deserve to learn more about their fertility and understand that it is a gift and not something that needs to be treated as a disease.

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The Billings Ovulation Method has a lot of continuing research behind it and does a great job at teaching NFP in the simplest way that ensures that the woman or couple understands. You can contact Diane here. I chose the Billings Ovulation Method because my husband and I learned it as we prepared for marriage. The Billings Ovulation Method is thoroughly researched and highly effective.

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It is easy to learn and inexpensive to use. Most importantly, it brings a husband and wife into closer communication with God and each other.

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I love the fact that NFP can be used to postpone or achieve pregnancy. Many couples cannot predict if they will struggle to achieve pregnancy until they actually experience it. When couples use NFP to recognize fertility, it can help them achieve pregnancy naturally. NFP can also be used to monitor female reproductive health.

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I encourage all couples to learn NFP for their marriage, their health, and their faith. You can contact Sarah here.

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Katie Vidmar Mott We began teaching Natural Family Planning because we believe it is a gift that is too good not to share! This is what NFP is all about!

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You can contact Katie here or call Katie Monson Williston Natural family planning is a beautiful way for married couples to grow in intimacy as they discuss their combined fertility and how to work with it. NFP helps us to give ourselves more intimately to each other because we are fully aware of the creative power of the marital embrace.

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As instructors of the Billings Ovulation Method, we enjoy bringing couples to greater admiration of each other and our Creator. You can contact Katie here. Billings Ovulation Method. Month View June 27 Month View June 28 Month View June 29 Month View June 30 Month View July 1 Month View July 2 Month View July 3 Month View July 4 Month View July 5 Month View July 6 Month View July 7 Month View July 8 Month View July 9 Month View July 10 Month View July 11 Month View July 12 Month View July 13 Month View July 14 Month View July 15 Month View July 16 Month View July 17 Month View July 18 Month View July 19 Month View July 20 Month View July 21 Month View July 22 Month View July 23 Month View July 24 Month View July 25 Month View July 26 Month View July 27 Month View July 28 Month View July 29 Month View July 30 Month View July 31 ,

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Ernsberger continued to use her maiden name and teach school.


Ernsberger continued to use her maiden name and teach school.


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