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I know this is kind of a big claim to make. Overtiredness is when our body gets beyond the point of tired and ready to sleep. Since we stayed awake through this window of tiredness, our bodies assume we need to stay awake and flood our systems with stimulating hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol to give us a second wind. It may seem like this second wind may be a good thing. This makes it harder for them to fall asleep and stay asleep. This then perpetuates the cycle causing more sleep struggles and more overtiredness.

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It sets our systems into overdrive and becomes a cycle that is hard to break. Almost as if their body is working against them. In a sense, their body and the stimulating hormones pumping through their system are working against them, making it much harder to go to sleep. And then harder to stay asleep once they are asleep.

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Hence, when parents report it took hours to get their fussy, fighting-sleep baby down for a nap just for baby to wake up 27 minutes later screaming again. The line between tired and overtired can be a very fine one. It seems like nothing will help baby calm down and it feels like you are working extra hard to get baby to sleep because their little bodies seem to be fighting it so hard.

This can often go on for a considerable amount of time as babies struggle to have their drive to sleep overcome that stress response from overtiredness.

How do i tell if my baby is overtired?

It looks like she wants to nurse, but it is hard to nurse and cry at the same time so she keeps latching and unlatching. Each time she seems to get more and more upset. Your baby may experience feeding struggles like this when they are overtired. Especially when these struggles occur towards the end of the day or after a day of poor naps.

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Sometimes you look down and it appears that your baby seems super uncomfortable like they are trying to escape from something, it may be that they are overtired. Their body parts may seem to be flailing around, keeping them awake even more.

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They may be arching their back so it looks like they are in pain. Or sometimes you see babies start pulling on their ears, their clothes or even scratching at their faces. Understandably a frustrating and uncomfortable situation for them. This can be so frustrating for both you and your baby. You think they have finally given up the fight and are going to get some sleep and you will get some peace.

How much sleep babies and young children need

Then just as quickly as they fell asleep they jerk awake again. It looks very similar to a hypnic jerk or a sleep start, which is feeling like your falling and then you jerk awake that we sometimes have as adults. While the jury is out on whether or not babies really have these, no one knows for sure what causes them but it has been observed by scientists that sleep deprivation can be a trigger for them. This shows another possible example of how overtiredness can make it seem like their bodies are working against them. Act fast! When you see the telltale s of overtiredness you want to act fast in order to keep the cycle from churning and making it even harder to recover from.

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Allow baby to make up for missed sleep by going back to sleep earlier than normal. The line between tired and overtired is narrow so even 15 to 20 minutes can make a big difference.

Overtiredness ultimately in lost sleep which creates a sleep debt. Our bodies basically have us repay that sleep debt in order to reset our systems. It can take some planning and effort to make sure you are very, very closely watching tired s and awake windows while also monitoring stimulation.

Your goal is to make sure you are getting baby back to sleep before another second wind kicks in. Make sure your baby is on an appropriately timed routine for day and night sleep. Because the thought that keeping baby up all day will help them sleep better at night is a complete fallacy. Here is a helpful chart based on age adjusted to know about how long your baby can handle of awake time before needing to go back to sleep.

How much sleep a newborn baby needs

This allows you to be better able to see when baby is possibly getting ready to dig into a sleep debt. Then you can act proactively to avoid the struggle and fight overtiredness can bring.

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Helping baby learn the skills to sleep independently allows them to more easily consolidate sleep cycles, especially at night. Consolidated sleep is when baby can connect their sleep cycles without a full wake up and sleep for a longer continuous stretch.

What is overtiredness?

Consolidated sleep is the best quality of sleep to help their bodies reset and feel refreshed each morning. This will help them be able to beat the cycle of overtiredness. Sometimes when baby has a good catch up day or two, it can seem like your sleep challenges have ended. You can learn more about these so-called magic solutions here. There are lots of methods, strategies, and schools of philosophy on how to help your baby sleep well.

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Sometimes the wealth of information can cause information overload and make it difficult to navigate in order to decide what is best for your family and your baby. Schedule your free sleep evaluation call here to learn more about how we can make quality sleep a reality at your house! My 5 month old is in a sleep debt. You described it perfectly when you said it seems like her little body is working against her.

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Then of course, wakes up half an hour later. It is very understandable that you are feeling impatient and irritated with the situation, especially when it is hurting your back! That turning her head to get to sleep can be a soothing technique for babies. Can you use another method to get her some naps during the day such as a car or stroller ride? Then you could start wearing her but sitting down while you do so while she falls asleep, then just sitting and rocking or just holding her to sleep to help transition from the ergo.

If you are interested in chatting more, that is what I do when I work with families — dive into these challenges to get babies sleeping well for nights and naps without having to baby wear all day long just to get her some sleep.

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You can schedule a free evaluation call with me to chat through more specifics, your sleep goals and how I can help you reach those sleep goals here — sleeploveandhappiness. However, this means waking her before she is ready.

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Can I let her sleep for as long as she wants in the middle of the night to catch up or should I still be waking her to feed? We have had issues with weight gain due to my milk taking a while to come in and she was jaundice to begin with so for the first couple of weeks we were having to wake her every 2 hours to feed day and night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hi Marianna! Focusing on contact naps baby napping on you nursing, being held, baby carrier, etc during the day at shorter intervals, around 45 minutes of awake time can help get through this period where you are struggling with weight gain issues.

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Short naps can be really common and really frustrating at this age, unfortunately. For nights, try to get some sleep while she is doing her 4-hour stretch and see if you can switch off with a partner or other person in your support system for helping her sleep the remainder of the night. Normally a good night from about 6. Constantly fighting sleep and everything you have said definitely rings true with her.

Speak to a nurse

So so stuck on what to do with her naps. Hi Chrissie! Short naps are so hard. Glad to hear she is sleeping well at night, that definitely helps make up for it! My 1 year old is extremely over tired! I definitely recommend waking babies from naps typically cap them at 1. With your daughter being 1 and fighting her second nap frequently this week, you may want to look at some information on the transition to one nap as the average age to transition is months so she may be getting close.

My 6 month old is only taking 2 naps a day and they last between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Then at night he sleeps well for the 1st 3 hours then wakes me fussing or crying anywhere from every 15 minutes to every hour and a half. Hi Terri!

Sounds like overtiredness could be contributing those wake ups, but I also would look at how he is falling asleep. If he is having a lot of help falling asleep, he likely needs that help falling back to sleep in the night when he wakes between sleep cycles.

Working on helping him fall asleep more and more on his own can help him stay asleep for longer stretches. Hi Bonnie, I have a very fussy 7 week old. I usually end up having to rock her totally to sleep and even with all that she still takes minutes to fall asleep.

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Sleep texting is using your phone to send or reply to a message while asleep.